sagetan (sagetan) wrote,

genteensybang art: Silent Night [Ruby & Bela, PG]

Title: Silent Night
Author: gryfndor_godess
Artist: sagetan
Pairing: Ruby & Bela, various
Rating: PG for art, R for fic
Summary: Babysitting Dean and Bela’s brat after they went to Hell was so never in Ruby’s plan, but with them out of the pit now, efforts to free Lucifer are finally back on track, if a few months behind schedule. There are still occasional blips, though, like the boys deciding to batten down the hatches on little Mary Winchester’s half-birthday. Fortunately, while Sam and Dean wallow in their paranoia that history’s going to repeat itself, Ruby and Bela have each other, not to mention lots of wine.
Link to fic: HERE!

Ruby and Bela

Ruby and Sam

Notes: Art for the lovely fic by the equally lovely gryfndor_godess, who wrote about kickass ladies being kickass. Many thanks to gryfndor_godess for being a delight to work with and to the mods for running the best and teensiest challenge ever. Yay for the Teensy Bang \o/
Tags: art, genteensybang, ruby, sam/other, supernatural
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